Clip In Bang Accent

Alright, so I’ve been wanting to go platinum for awhile now. I think that is one of the only colors left for me to try! So while I save for that whole process I went on a search for a blonde accent color to add, a non-commitment type.

Sally’s Beauty Supply had some simple clip in bang extensions I thought I’d give a try. Plus it was only $10 and I can take it out whenever, which is nice. This one is 10 inch, so I did have to trim it down a bit to fit my current pixie-ish hair. I advise to clip in the bang where you want it and then trim it while it is on, careful not to cut your own hair though!

It comes in other colors  too! Needless to say I’m trying so hard not to go out and buy them right now! Purple, Red, Brown and Platinum are the color choices.

They are called-
Design Length Snap It! 10" Human Hair Bang Accent Platinum Blonde

You can find them online here as well -

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