Pregnacy and Newborn Facts

Here is a google presentation on some facts I gathered for a class I taught on motherhood. I say "facts" because all this information can be found in my favorite sources: (or the book "What to Expect When Expecting")

(I highly recommend watching this...)
-Dr. Harvey Karp's "The Happiest Baby on the Block"

(I highly recommend reading this...)
-Kim Clark's "The Sleep Lady's Good Night Sleep Tight"

When pondering upon what to teach I felt strongly to focus on the area of life that my friends and I are in, which is either before pregnancy, pregnant, or currently have a baby! Then I thought about all the things I wish I would have known, especially when I got pregnant and even more so when I had a newborn! Hopefully these facts can educate you a bit and you can have some fun learning!

If you are viewing this presentation on a phone, scroll down to the very bottom of the screen and click "View web version" (instead of Mobile version). This way you can see the full presentation screen.

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Has anyone else noticed that sometimes DIY is not the cheapest option out there? Have you ever found yourself buying all the materials for one project and then later realizing that you actually just spent more money (not to mention time) trying to DIY rather than just buying!?

So in regards to baby things, here is a list (and their accompanying how-to site if there is one) on what was better for me personally to DIY and what was better for me to BUY.

*Note - All the items under BUY can still be DIY! Depending on your talent and materials available in the area it may work out better to DIY, let me know!*


DIY Wubbanub - This can really help your baby have an easier time finding his/her own binky! Choose your own binky and stuffed animal, put a glob of hot glue on the back of a binky and stick it onto the face of any stuffy!

DIY Double Swaddle aka Secret Swaddle - The outside blanket can be any swaddle blanket or wrap (we use our muslin ones). The inner blanket is any double/triple folded receiving blanket. Weave the folded receiving blanket around arms and behind the back, then swaddle baby. More info

DIY Baby head wraps - Use your old stretchy shirts or thrifted shirts or even 1/6 yard of jersey material. When you're making something this small you don't have to pay a fortune on yardage. Pinterest "baby head wraps" because I have too many links to list!

DIY Felt - There is so much you can do with felt, it's a personal favorite of mine and a go to for customized baby shower gifts! You're really only spending pennies to purchase felt.  Hot glue it on headbands and beanies or stitch it to a onesie!

DIY Free White Noise App "Relax Melodies" - I love this app so much! There is an actual oscillating fan, vacuum, humming, white noise, wind, birds, and music box sounds (and so much more!) The best thing about this app is that you can turn off your screen and it will keep playing (uses only about 30% battery life in 12 hours of playing!) Take it anywhere with you!

DIY Refurbished Chair - find a cheap chair and dress it up!

DIY Baby Closet (especially for those tight on space) - We ended up screwing a wooden dowel so it would hold more weight, but feel free to use a tension rod.

DIY Dollar Store Storage bins (put them in closet or under changing table) - Have you been down the dollar store bin aisle lately? Bins like these you could easily cover with contact paper or fabric or even spray paint to match your nursery.

DIY Baby Announcement (Walmart photo print) - I took a screen shot of a fancy card I made on an online announcement site and had it print out as a regular 4x6 print at Walmart (I love their matte finish photos). 

DIY Freezer Burritos - It's one thing to feed your baby but another thing to feed yourself and your husband (and other kiddos). I like to add brown rice to mine, feel free to add meat as well! Perfect for a grab and go lunch for your husband and a quick lunch for yourself!


BUY Muslin Swaddle blankets - Might as well buy it, since muslin fabric is hard to find. It's super versitile, drape over car seat, burp rag if needs be or a nursing cover (nice because the fabric is breathable). They wash up beautifully.

BUY Moby Wrap - Jersey fabric can be super expensive to DIY. The last DIY wrap I searched called for 5 yards and the cheapest Jersey material I could find was $17.00 a yard! 

BUY Disposable Diapers and wipes - I admire those who do washable! Did you know buying in store (not online) Walmart brand diapers (ParentsChoice)  are generally 50% cheaper than brand diapers? *Some parents have to try multiple brands if their baby's skin is sensitive... What works for me may not always work for others and that's ok!*
BUY Tissues - We use these way more than burp clothes because we strategically place multiple boxes around the house. 

BUY Desitin - This works wonders for our  baby (again, your baby's skin could be different, some may need to DIY an organic paste) but we've  never had a full out Diaper rash and I think it's due to the fact that we use this as a preventative measure if we notice a little redness coming.

BUY Disposable Nursing Pads - Eventually you might get to the point were you find time to wash your DIY pads or DIY diapers etc... But for me the first few weeks was all about disposables.

BUY paper plates/ plastic cups/utesils - There was no way I was going to DIY those dishes the first week! This may have been one of the best gifts I received prior to having my baby!

DIY Kitchen Makeover (for $1.00!)

I thought I would change it up a bit this week and post a project which I have come to love more and more every time I look at it! Maybe it was because I only spent $1.00 on it... what's not to love about that? This makeover option is especially great if you live in a rental because it is not a permanent change.

All I did was cut rectangles (bricks) from contact paper! Dollar store contact paper (DollarTree, Con-Tact-Quick-Cover). There is a grid on the back of the paper so it makes any shape possible to cut and duplicate easily. Mind you, it did take 1 1/2 rolls of contact paper for me to do my upper cabinets and that's all I really intended to cover, so I spent $2.00 total. It just depends on how much you are wanting to cover.

 If you haven't used contact paper before, it's actually meant to line cabinet/cuboard shelves and it peels off easily. No stickiness is left behind. Side note, I actually use this paper to cover the top of the fridge as well and then peel it off when we move, isn't it strange how it gets that sticky/dusty film up there?

Play around with it! I'm partial to brick, so I cut and peeled brick after brick.

There are several patterns of contact paper at DollarTree, but the one I used was Tan-Marble, as pictured below.

Hospital Bags and What to Expect from the Hospital

This post is a bit different than your usual hospital bag post because I will be adding some c-section things to the Hospital Bag list in case you have an emergency c-section like I did! Further down this post I will also share what you can expect from Hospitals, specifically the Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg and what items and services they provide. 

Okay! Now on to the Hospital Bags!

Mom's Bag:

  • Easy slip on shoes (there's no way you want to/can bend over especially with c-section)
  • Headband/hair tie (you don't have to but you don't want your hair distracting you)
  • Socks (2-3 pair if c-section stay)
  • Underwear (2-3 if c-section stay, high waist so band does not rest on c-section incision)
  • Comfy departure outfit (again, think about choosing pants that hit around belly button to avoid pressure on the incision)
  • Robe (if you have c-section, you'll want something quick and easy to throw on to walk the halls)
  • Travel sized shampoo/conditioner (2-1 is nice)
  • Travel size body-wash
  • Face wipes/face wash (wipes are a quick and easy bedside freshen up!)
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush (pack a new one, you don't want to get there and realize you left it home on the bathroom counter, or you do bring it but leave it at the hospital)
  • Makeup (personal preference, you don't have to but there will be a camera crew offering to take newborn pictures of you and your baby!)
  • Deodorant
  • Kotex Security Maxi Pads (seriously the softest and cushiest, sitting on a pillow, I prefer without wings)
  • Chapstick (during labor/delivery you are breathing super hard and your lips will feel it the next day!)
  • Chapstick (yes it's on here twice, you don't want to lose it!)
  • Lanolin (for nipples but I used it as Chapstick as well because I kept misplacing mine?!)
  • Nursing pillow (nice to have, but you can ask for extra pillows if you don't have one)
  • Mints (if you're expecting visitors and hugs and kisses!)
  • Medea nipple shield (backup if nursing is painful or baby has hard time latching) find at Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, see my breastfeeding essentials post for more info

Baby's Bag:

  • Baby mittens (those hands go crazy with their new found freedom!)
  • Cute blanket for pics (but they do have blankets there)
  • Departure outfit (they strongly encourage skin to skin, your baby will more than likely not be dressed a lot while there)
  • Car seat (they won't let you and baby leave the hospital without one)
  • Newborn diapers (just in case they have stopped providing diapers and wipes since I've been there!)
  • Wipes (just in case)
  • Bum cream (we like Desitin)
  • Binky (this depends on you, if there's a certain style you want or if you don't want your baby to use one at all, the nurses might give one to baby if you don't specify with them first)

Dad's Bag:

  • Camera/phone
  • Chargers for camera/phone
  • Change of clothes (2-3 pairs if staying multiple days for c-section)
  • Toothbrush/paste
  • Deodorant 

What to Expect from Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, Idaho:

Take note that you can bring more clothes to wear during your stay but honestly the hospital gowns are so convienant because you're constantly nursing and having your baby skin to skin that I didn't find myself wearing much else during my three day stay. Except when some photographers came in, then I did put a shirt on... over my gown haha. Also when walking the halls after surgery (prescribed by the nurses) I found it easier to have slip on shoes (i.e. slippers, crocs, flats, etc) and a robe. The showers are clean at this hospital so no need for shower shoes, unless you still feel wary about it. The showers even have a red heat light which is so nice! The shower also has some soap in it... not sure if it was shampoo, body wash or hand soap? (Might be a good idea to bring your own) Feel free to combine mom and baby's bag or Dad and baby's bag, or whatever gets you there with less bags to carry! (I preferred backpacks because it doesn't require any hands). No need to pack snacks because they have a free Dad's snack bar! I also had my husband snag me some snacks too! Unless of course you have to bring a big bag of dried mangos from Costco... I thought about it. A camera crew will be coming around at some point and offer to take pictures of your newborn, it's kind of nice to get pictures so soon but pretty pricey on the other hand... You've also probably heard about the celebratory meal that the new mom and dad get, it's pretty delicious, I had chicken cordon bleu and chocolate cake! There will be some DVD's about taking baby home that you will be required to watch before you leave. There is a lactation consultant who will visit you, but if you're struggling, demand to see her sooner! If you have an epidural they will place massaging casts over your legs while you are in bed, so as to increase circulation. Last but certainly not least, if you have a c-section, after surgery you will be hooked up to a catheter for the first 24hrs (I had no idea they would be doing this), so as to not strain yourself by getting up to use the bathroom, take advantage of this and drink drink drink.

Now I'll take a few lines to go over what this hospital in particular gives you... This way you can know what not to pack and what you can ask for if they forget to give you something. There are a few things that they won't give you unless you request it and I will list those below as well...

What they give you:

  • A pack of newborn diapers
  • A few baby wipes
  • Halo swaddle wrap (fleece)
  • Big water bottle with straw
  • Small baby bath bin and sponge/brush 
  • Disposable underwear
  • Pads (there are different pads for c-Section to accommodate the extra bleeding, they are huge!)
  • Numbing spray 
  • Squeeze bottle (to cleanse perineal area with warm water)

Things Upon Request:

  • Stool softeners (ask from the get go, you want that first bowel movement to be easy and comfortable down there!)
  • Binky/pacifier
  • Lanolin (which is a safe hydrating nipple cream)
  • Ice pack diapers (diapers filled with ice, they work wonderfully)
  • More disposable underwear
  • More pads
  • Manual hand pump
  • Benadryl (if you itch from epidural)
  • Extra pillows 
  • Extra blankets

Specific to C-section, Upon Request:

  • Ask for multiple disposable underwear (since you are there longer)
  • Extras of those huge underwear pads (on top of the usual post birth bleeding you will get extra blood drainage from the incision)
  • Syringe with infant formula *if you need (c-section milk "can tend" to come in a few days late... and baby needs to eat something!)
  • Support brace belt (A MUST FOR C-SECTION, prevents you from flexing your abs too much, helps you transition out of bed, etc. Seriously, I challenge you right now to try getting up from laying down in bed without flexing your abs one bit, harder than you think! Also try laughing and sneezing without flexing... Dang you funny husband)
  • *** ASK DR/NURSE about a liquid diet for the first 24hrs (trust me, you do not want a bowel movement for as long as possible. I'm forever grateful to my Dr. for prescribing this because not all Dr's do this anymore! Your abs should not be pushing/straining one bit, the stitches are extremely sensitive at this point)***

Best Diaper Pail - plus liner hack!

It is a debate whether or not one needs a diaper pail, but if you are an appartment dweller, a pail can sure come in handy. Plus I also found a diaper pail liner hack if you don't want to spend money on the specialized name brand liners! (That info is at the end of the post)

Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin

My goal is to do all the research for you. And believe me I did on this one. I am a visual learner by far and it was just my cup of tea that I came across this YouTube video where some Dads test out diaper pails! Reading Amazon reviews I had narrowed it down to three and it just so happened that those were the three pails they reviewed!

A preface to this video is that the Munchkin diaper pail is the winner hands down! It passed their "walk in the room and sniff" test and "lift the lid and sniff test." I feel I owe these dads a standing ovation for sacrificing their noses so that we may know the truth... Plus I actually found the video quite funny and entertaining so please watch this video/link below!

Diaper Pail Sniff Test -

I am very pleased with this diaper pail as well! I ask my husband almost every day when he comes home if the house smells like diapers and it doesn't! Like they say, the Munchkin has a tight sphincter so the actual sack doesn't open up that much when you push the diaper down, plus the release of baking powder neutralized some of the smell too.  

Here's the Hack!

This is a cool pin I came across, it didn't link to anywhere or else I would have given them credit for their genius! Tall kitchen garbage sacks (with those colored plastic handles) work just as well. The scented ones are my favorite but not necessary. 

 Follow the step by step image below and save yourself some money on those liners! I will admit that the kitchen sacks hold more diapers because the sack is wider than the munchkin brand ones... But there is something cool the way the munchkin brand bags can snap shut at the top once it's been removed!

DIY Chair Cover

I really didn't think I'd "need" a rocker/glider for my nursery but then I came across a free one and thought "Free? I can afford free!" Let me tell you, it has been so nice to have one, especially for midnight feedings. 

I found the tutorial for this on Pinterest and since bloggers gotta help each other out, I will put the link to this fabulous gal's site below. Her instructions are perfect, so there's no need for me to repeat them! But I will throw my 2 cents in and mention that these chair pads were dusty! After debating how to clean them and calling carpet cleaner after carpet cleaner (which charged an arm and a leg to clean them) I took them down to a local car detail shop and they shampooed them for $10! 
So if you do come across a used chair I'd recommend cleaning the pads even if you are going to cover it because you know, we want a sterile baby room! Or maybe I'm just crazy that way? 

Here's the link and have a great time sewing!

Below are the pictures of my before and after, I used flannel because it was on sale! 

Best Baby Bathtub - Angelcare Bath Support

This could possibly be my favorite baby product ever and by the five star rating on Amazon it looks like others agree! The Angelcare Bath Support. It completes the three factors I find very important with "stuff" in general: easy to keep clean, versitile, and space savor.

Just looking at it, notice how it is not mesh like some tub slings? That makes it really easy to clean, plus it stays clean a whole lot longer!

It has a hook on the back end of it so you can hang it up right in your shower to dry and to store. This is especially great if you have limited space in your apartment or house. No need to store a big tub! A sturdy Command hook will do the job.

Let's just face it, babies are eventually going to end up in a normal bathtub anyways so why not get one that they can grow with? I used this bath support to place my baby in when she was a newborn and I was giving her sponge baths. Now she's three months and the support is now used in the tub of course and she still fits in it great with plenty of growing room left!

So it's versitile to use as a newborn bath and a regular baby bath but as you see below I use it for much more!

The incline is perfect on this thing for it to function as a regular baby seat! Place a blanket over it and it becomes one comfortable, light, and easily portable (don't forget storable!) seat!