Sandcastle Cake

So it's summer and you want to impress your neighbors, family and friends with a cute crafty "I did it myself" cake right? Here's a perfectly edible Sandcastle Cake! What says summer like sandcastles? Quite simple really, the real key in this one how you assemble everything together, so be creative!

Ok here's all you need.

 -Round or square backing pan 
 -A box of cake mix(s) 
 -Ground graham crackers
 -Ice cream cones 
 -Marshmallow cream/frosting to stick the cones together and to stick the cones to the plate if needed
  -Life savors, swedish fish, etc... 

I actually used cheesecake with a graham cracker crust so it actually came together quick nicely! Or messily? But that's what "real" sandcastles look like right. I think I'll play with this again someday and make it a tiered cake.

 (If you can tell, the cake is cut in half because we were throwing a half birthday party that day!)

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