FREE Yoga!

I have found the goddess of fitness and her name is Sadie Nardini.

I've actually started following her 5 years ago when she was a mere youtube channel. 

NOW she is worldwide and fierce.TV show, classes, training, clothing, website, etc! 

She is so motivating because she is one of those people who started small but after years and years of hard work it finally paid off. Not to mention she herself used to have weight on her and lost 40 lbs through yoga! So she has sympathy, yes! Watch this video and you'll understand her story. 


Oh yes, and it's FREE! Let's change the world where people are beginning to believe that being healthy is expensive. How many of us ( I say "us" because I get caught there occasionally) don't live healthy lives because we feel we can't afford it? Well, I pledge to change that.

This was my very first video I tried in hopes of being able to do all the poses even tho I was not in shape. You know what I mean don't you? When those skinny rubber band humans do these insane poses and there you are sitting with your bum on your yoga matt just watching instead of doing... Well I found "the one video" (and more videos!) that will help. This one is in four parts and approximately 45 min. Search her sites for free videos!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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