DIY Baby Closet

Living in a two bedroom apartment can get crowded when trying to fit three people in it. Especially when the baby's room doesn't even have a closet! But there is always a way around these things and with clothes this small and cute, one can't help but want to display them in an organized manner.

I had originally came across this idea on Pinterest but put my own flair on it. My brain could not handle any commitment to actually painting the bookshelf (plus I was worried about paint fumes!) so I just used some extra wrapping paper I had lying around.

Measure, cut, double stick tape the corners, that's it! When I get tired of this color I'll just grab a different paper, even patterned paper, the possibilities are endless! You could even use scrapbook paper, cut out some squares, circles, etc. Looking forward to our little bundle of joy!

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