DIY Baby Quilt - Scrap Pieces

One way to downsize your crafty clutter is to just use your leftovers! Really, take a look at all your scrap pieces and seriously contemplate if you will ever use them again. That's what I did and instead of fabric sitting on my shelf for years, it has now been compiled into a cute little baby quilt for my nephew (isn't he the cutest?!). When I say little quilt I mean little. Don't stress about the size of the quilt being exactly what Pinterest ordered or having to follow the rules about quilting "perfectly" because then your project might get put off for a long time! I'd recommend to tie the quilt with embroidery thread (easiest option) and watch this tutorial, it helped me so much on how to do the edges.

The Ultimate Binding Tutorial - Missouri Quilt Co.

 Happy scrap quilting!

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