Wedding Bouquet

Ok, so maybe not your big bushy overwhelming bouquet that hides the brides dress. Whats up with that?! You see here's the thing, on your wedding day, please don't hide behind your dress or bouquet. You need to shine, you want people looking at you, especially your husband. I mean really, what if on your one big day instead of looking at you for the first time that day he's looking at your distracting sequence and bushel of flowers.

Seriously, a blooming elegant, mysterious, romantic red rose can fit your budget and deliver stunning and enchanting results for you and your wedding day! 
Plus you can recreate your wedding bouquet any day! My husband will surprise me with a red rose(s) on various occasions (or no occasion!) and it just brings back all the magic of that day, I love it. Our budget loves it too. 
It is especially gorgeous if it's a winter or a spring wedding because there is limited color around except for you and your rose. Your will be the color, the life of your photos! (I felt like I was Christine from The Phantom of the Opera when she goes to her Father's grave and is singing as she walks through the graveyard. These pictures were taken at a mansion though! Sheesh, I'm not that creepy) 

Props to my amazing photographer!
Mark Cluney

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  1. Thanks for posting about wedding information. My friend organized a bridal shower for me at one of stunning NYC wedding venues last month. I got many compliments for the dress that she gifted me. Photo shoot of all friends will be the best memories ever.