Best Baby Bathtub - Angelcare Bath Support

This could possibly be my favorite baby product ever and by the five star rating on Amazon it looks like others agree! The Angelcare Bath Support. It completes the three factors I find very important with "stuff" in general: easy to keep clean, versitile, and space savor.

Just looking at it, notice how it is not mesh like some tub slings? That makes it really easy to clean, plus it stays clean a whole lot longer!

It has a hook on the back end of it so you can hang it up right in your shower to dry and to store. This is especially great if you have limited space in your apartment or house. No need to store a big tub! A sturdy Command hook will do the job.

Let's just face it, babies are eventually going to end up in a normal bathtub anyways so why not get one that they can grow with? I used this bath support to place my baby in when she was a newborn and I was giving her sponge baths. Now she's three months and the support is now used in the tub of course and she still fits in it great with plenty of growing room left!

So it's versitile to use as a newborn bath and a regular baby bath but as you see below I use it for much more!

The incline is perfect on this thing for it to function as a regular baby seat! Place a blanket over it and it becomes one comfortable, light, and easily portable (don't forget storable!) seat! 


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